Wesolve4x Foundation NPC is non-profit organizations Reg No.: 2019/246941/08  PBO Reg No.: 930066035.Wesolve4x Foundation is inspired to do more. Change is us, We strongly believe in change. We are change

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Since 2019

About Us

Wesolve4x Foundation Non-Profit Company we are  inspired to do more. We exist to end extreme hunger and poverty, protect our environment and fight climate change through education.  Our key focus is  restores the hope and dignity of the most vulnerable in their time of need, rebuilding prosperous communities and empowering leaders of tomorrow the Wesolve4x Generation. 

We are driven by innovation, creativity and people. `The world as we know it is changing, our generation seeks to amend that. The multiple challenges we face daily as Wesolve4x Generation (the youth) including unemployment, poverty, access to economic opportunities and Education. Change is us, We strongly believe in change. We are change.

With our or added Knowledge and Experience we will truly transform communities and advance society. We are driven by empowering communities, we acknowledge and appreciate talent, creativity and sourcing youth solvers to transform society and have a global impact.

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Make a difference . Change is us, We strongly believe in change. We are change.



Make a difference by making a donation that impact communities 

  • Food parcel/Groceries
  • Vegetable Garden Seeds
  • Sanitary Pads
  • Refuse bags
  • Old Cloths
  • School shoes and Stationary
  • School uniform
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Become part of the Wesolve4x Generation and volunteer  as a

  • High school tutor
  • Environmental Champion
  • Community Outreach Champion 

We believe in serving others. 

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Our Fundraising event ensure we impact more families ,inspire communities and empower learners.

Be part of change

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Our Causes

We have answered the calling of the callings ,to the cause of causes and that is to serve. Solving the world's problems one equation at a time.

Wesolve4x Cleaning My Planet Campaign 

Wesolve4x Cleaning My planet, is a direct response and plight to the growing need for all individuals from all walks of life to take a collective action and responsibility of our current environment by practically and actively ensuring it is clean , preserve, conserve and protect its habitability not only for us but even more so for the next  wesolve4x generation.

The initiative’s sole purpose is to drive awareness, motivate and encourage all individuals to own their communities by participating in keeping them clean, by dedicating just one hour of our Saturdays for the next 20 years will not only preserve but also conserve our communities.

Our primary focus areas will be on land and water pollution as a result of littering. We aim to develop long term collaborative, strategic, sustainable, creative and innovative solutions to tackle waste mismanagement and alleviate climate upheaval and change. Waste material that we take for granted such as plastics and paper is extremely hazardous for our environment and our ecosystem.


48 hours a year and 960 hours for 20 years of collective community members cleaning

and protecting their own living environment.

Reduced Environmental pollution on our Planet.

Continued Generational Awareness and Educational environmental campaign embraced

and propagated by the global community.

Active non- littering global population and eliminate trash blindness.

Refuse bag filled ; 11320
Goal: 50 000

Help End Hunger And Poverty

>Food programe,Sanitary Pads and Old Cloths Collection Drive<

Food programme 

provides an opportunity to fight hunger and feed the most vulnerable and marginal communities through food parcels distributions and home-based garden support. Families are supported with seeds, compost and farming skills education and training for their home gardens.

We focus on sustainability and entrepreneurship to enable the home-based garden to produce to be sold and generate an income.

Sanitary Pads and Old Cloths Collection Drive

We bring dignity to girl child to ensure they don't miss school and the beauty of life. Donations and fundraising for sanitary pads ensure our girls stay in school and are empower irrespective of their extreme background. Old cloths find a new home as we collect old cloths to give to the less fortunate and the poor of all age and gender.

Beneficiaries include all type of marginalised group not limited to child-headed families, orphans or disable person. We impact , Inspire and Empower

Families Assisted: 53 ,Sanitary Pads donated :119

Goal: 200

Help to get Education

School Tutoring Programme

Wesolve4x parents masterclass

We provide extra classes on weekends and after schools to assist learners in the following subjects-

Mathematics,Accounting ,
Physical Sciences and coding

Wesolve4x Parents Masterclass

Parental involvement implicates the active and significant involvement of the parent in all aspects, where a parent is interacting with the child for guidance and support.As mandated by South African Schools Act 84 of 1996 that parents should have their voice in the education of their children,they should have a close cooperation with educators to be able to track the performance of their children.

 Through Wesolve4x Parents MasterClass, we provide continuous educational programmes to parents to empower them with skills and techniques of assisting their children learn to read and write, environmental awareness, coding and business skills.While delivering lessons in the classroom and encouraging innovation through research and development.

Number of Leaners: 50

Goal: 300

Right to education

Education to every Child

80% of grade 4 kids in South Africa can't read and poor parental involvement is the biggest challenge facing public schools in South Africa.


Become a Volunteer


Impact. Inspire. Empower.

Make a Donation

I Wish to Make a Donation

Donations items

Food parcel/Groceries

Vegetable Garden Seeds

Sanitary Pads

Old Cloths

School shoes and Stationary  

Banking Details

ACCOUNT NAME: Wesolve4x Foundation

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 10118437206

BANK: Standard Bank

BRANCH: Sandton City,South Africa



Email : donations@wesolve4xfoundation.org